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Fuel Lift Pumps

  • Aeromotive 11802 130GPH Fuel Pump (Pump Only)

    The Aeromotive 11802 Fuel Pump offers a true solution to Duramax, Cummins and Powerstroke owners looking to upgrade the fuel system on their truck. Built to be more reliable, more efficient, and more advanced than other products on the market, the...

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  • Fuelab Velocity 200 In-Line Lift Pump 10302

    The Fuelab Velocity 200 In-Line Lift Pump 10302 brings you cutting edge fuel system technology. Fuelab is proud to offer all the great features of our brushless technology fuel pumps in a stand alone unit designed for the diesel performance market...

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  • PPE Diesel Lift Pump UNIVERSAL

    The PPE Diesel Lift Pump 113050000 is capable of pumping up to 160 gallons of fuel per hour! It's a key component to a reliable fuel system, rather than depending on the OEM CP3 to pull fuel from the tank, the PPE Diesel Fuel Lift Pump pushes fuel...

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