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Dodge Ram Cummins

  • Access Tonnosport Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

    The Access® TonnoSport Roll-Up Cover gives you a sleek, low-profile look at a great low price. When closed, this near flush mount tonneau cover sits a mere 1/2" above the truck box - virtually disappearing before your eyes from the side or rear...

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  • AEM 21-9211D Brute Force HD Intake System

    Add a AEM 21-9211D Brute Force HD Intake System to your 2003-2006 Dodge 5.9L Cummins to upgrade the performance of your engine with minimal installation. The Brute Force Intake System has a specially designed filter housed in the original air box...

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  • AEM Brute Force Diesel Intake System 21-8211D

    Get rid of the underachieving air intake system in your 2003-2007 Dodge 5.9L Cummins by replacing it with the AEM Brute Force Diesel Intake System 21-8211D. The Brute Force Air Intake System creates increased horsepower and torque by swapping the...

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  • AEM Brute Force HD Intake 2007.5-2009 Cummins

    The AEM 21-9221DS Brute Force HD Intake takes the under performing factory air in take system in your 2007.5-2009 Dodge 6.7L Cummins and replaces it with a superior performance intake system. Easily installed, the Brute Force Intake features a...

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  • AEM Brute Force Intake System Dodge 1994-2002

    The AEM 21-8204D Brute Force Intake System provides an instant upgrade over the stock air intake system in your 1994-2002 Dodge 5.9L Cummins. By replacing the restrictive stock factory air filter and air intake housing, the Brute Force Intake...

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  • Aeromotive 11802 130GPH Fuel Pump (Pump Only)

    The Aeromotive 11802 Fuel Pump offers a true solution to Duramax, Cummins and Powerstroke owners looking to upgrade the fuel system on their truck. Built to be more reliable, more efficient, and more advanced than other products on the market, the...

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  • Aeromotive 13129 EFI Bypass Regulator

    Fine tune your custom fuel system with the Aeromotive 13129 EFI Bypass Regulator. The EFI Bypass Regulator offers all the features and benefits of an Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator, but in a smaller and lighter package. Capable of supporting up to...

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  • AFE Pro Dry S Stage 2 Magnum Force Intake System

    The AFE 51-80072 Pro Dry S Stage 2 Magnum Force Intake System gives you cool air and quiet power on a budget. The sealed design keeps noise at a minimum while the large 360 degree high flow PRO Dry S air  filter and sealed intake box with auxiliary...

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  • AFE Quantum PRO DRY S Cold Air Intake System

    The AFE 53-10001D Quantum PRO DRY S Cold Air Intake System will upgrade the air system in your 1994-2002 Dodge 5.9L Cummins. Specially engineered, the Quantum Air Intake System adds up to 8% airflow, 3 horsepower, and 6 Lbs. of torque over a stock...

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