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    The ATS 2029062272 Electronic Fuel Regulator prevents over boost codes and defueling of the engine due to higher boost pressures on your 2003-2007 Dodge 5.9L Cummins. This is essential when doing any power modifications, if the turbo produces more...

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  • Auto Meter 5323 OBDII Splitter

    Use multiple OBDII divides with the Auto Meter 5323 OBDII Splitter. This low profile OBDII Signal Splitter / Pass Through allows for remote location of connections for OBDII products like the Auto Meter AirDrive, DashLink and Dash Control while...

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    The BD-Power 1036620 High-Idle Kit for your 98.5-04 Dodge 5.9L Cummins works great with remote starters, PTO's and extended idling applications. Warm up your engine faster on cold mornings with BD Diesel's High Idle Kit. Quick and easy install, the...

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    Get off the line with authority in your 1998.5-2004 Dodge 5.9L Cummins* with the BD-Power 1057720 Staging Limiter. You will no longer have to deal with the frustrations involved with over and under boosts after the brief install of the Staging Limiter...

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  • BD-Power 1081160 Cool Down Timer 2

    The BD-Power 1081160 Cool Down Timer 2 eliminates the problems of shutting your engine down after a heavy haul when the exhaust gas temperature (EGT) is above normal. This can result in turbo bearing damage, but now you can protect your turbo with BDs...

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  • BD-Power Dodge APPS Noise Isolator

    Eliminate the interference in the throttle position sensor in your 1994-2004 Dodge 5.9L Cummins with the BD-Power 1300030 Dodge APPS Noise Isolator. The interference that is common on these trucks creates false voltage readings in the Accelerator Pedal...

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    Turbo Boost Builders              To get more performance out of your Dodge turbo, plug in BD's electronic Boost Builder, which increases fueling on electronically controlled engines,...

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  • Bully Dog 40400-105 Universal OBDII Block

    The Bully Dog 40400-105 Universal OBDII Block fits the Bully Dog WatchDog and GT Tuner. It can also be used with the H&S Performance Mini Maxx and Black Maxx Tuners. Prop 65 WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm -

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  • Diesel Turbo Lifesaver CM1E Control Module

    Protect your turbocharger and allow for proper cool-down with the Diesel Turbo Lifesaver CM1E Control Module. The Diesel Turbo Lifesaver is designed to automatically idle your engine and turn it off without needing the ignition key, thus saving the time...

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  • Edge Products 98202 Back-Up Camera

    The Edge Products 98202 Back-Up Camera is designed to work with the Edge Products CTS & CTS2 Monitors (not included) that have a built-in video port allowing you to connect Edge's state-of-the-art back-up camera. The CTS/CTS2's high resolution, color...

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