6.0 Powerstroke DIY: Rebuilding Vs. Replacing Your Turbo

6.0 Powerstroke DIY: Rebuilding Vs. Replacing Your Turbo

25th Jan 2022

What is a Turbo Kit?

turbocharger (normally called just turbo by diesel truck enthusiasts) was first used on an internal combustion engine over 100 years ago to help power an airplane. The first trucks to feature a turbocharged diesel engine would appear in 1938, with production turbo diesel cars arriving in the late 1970s. Many vehicles produced today, both large and small, feature turbocharged engines. Most auto manufacturers have come to realize that turbos provide an affordable way to increase horsepower and torque in a way that is fuel-efficient and reliable.

The turbo that a vehicle comes with from the factory is often adequate but will eventually wear out and fail with time. A stock replacement turbo can be installed at a dealership at a considerable cost, but replacement parts and complete aftermarket turbos can be purchased online and installed by any knowledgeable mechanic. Just like any other part of a vehicle, a turbo and the various parts associated with it can be modified or upgraded to give the vehicle a performance advantage.

6.0 Powerstroke Turbo Rebuild Kit

The Ford 6.0 Powerstroke is one of the most popular turbocharged power plants to modify and upgrade. For engines with worn-out components, affordable 6.0 Powerstroke turbo rebuild kits are available. They are a good value for someone who wants to repair their existing turbocharger instead of purchasing a more expensive complete new or remanufactured turbo. This is a great option for anyone who enjoys a good DIY (do it yourself) project.

Skill is needed to be sure all the old components are reassembled properly. Moving parts like the turbine and stationary parts like the housing need to be balanced perfectly, or they will wear out prematurely and require another rebuild which can be time-consuming and expensive, so this option might not be the best choice for a first timer. Don’t let this scare you in any way or put you off from rebuilding your existing turbo. Plenty of information is available online, in print, and from friends who are willing to share their first-hand knowledge to make this a can-do project. A 6.0 Powerstroke turbo rebuild kit is an affordable way to repair and improve your truck, and the best rebuild kits and replacement parts are available at Blessed Performance.

6.0 Powerstroke DIY Turbo

The most popular upgrade for this Ford power plant is a 6.0 Powerstroke DIY turbo replacement. If the decision to replace the complete turbo assembly is made, many choose to install a 6.0 Powerstroke turbo upgrade. A complete bolt-on turbo will be more expensive to purchase than a 6.0 Powerstroke turbo rebuild kit, but it is a good choice for many because it requires less mechanical skill and precision and saves time by not having to take apart and reassemble the small parts that make up the turbo itself.

Benefits of Buying a Complete Turbo


The process of removing an old worn-out turbo and replacing it with a 6.0 Powerstroke turbo upgrade is still an exciting challenge. A DIY turbo replacement is a project that you can genuinely do yourself. It can be accomplished by any diesel truck owner with some elbow grease and a positive attitude.

  • Buying a complete turbo can still be an exciting challenge
  • Everything you would need is in 1 package
  • Saves time & money
  • Comes with a warranty
  • Less risky than doing a DIY rebuild

While a new turbo can be purchased and installed just by itself, especially if it is a stock replacement, many are purchased along with, or as part of a kit. These kits contain upgraded hardware such as  stronger studs, heat-wrapped pipes, CNC machined flanges, and stainless steel oil lines. The kits vary in price depending on what options you decide on, but all accomplish the same goal of improving power while maintaining reliability. Many of these kits come with different parts tailored to your specific needs depending on how much power you want, so you can upgrade your truck for towing heavy loads or for straight-line speed at the track.

Some of the most popular 6.0 Powerstroke turbo rebuild kits available are manufactured by  KC Turbos, Smeding Diesel, and SoCal Billet. All these kits contain parts that are made in the USA out of the highest quality materials available. There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to what turbo kit to purchase. It will all depend on what kind of performance you are looking to get out of your truck. All these kits can be found at Blessed Performance, and when they arrive, the parts will be clearly labeled, making for an easy installation, and custom tunes are available to provide you with optimal performance.

Performance Packages

A Performance package includes parts that a standard turbo kit might not usually contain, and that will help increase horsepower and maintain reliability, performance, and safety. If you are going to install an upgraded turbo, you will also want to upgrade your diesel engine’s injectors and find the right tune in order to gain optimal performance. With the increased forced induction provided by an upgraded turbo, upgraded injectors will be required to provide the right amount of fuel and need to be able to handle the extra strain that increased horsepower puts on the engine. A custom engine tune will upgrade your truck's engine management system to ensure that all these upgraded parts are working together efficiently.

VGT Turbos for Your 6.0 Powerstroke Engine

There are packages available for turbos with VGT technology and non-VGT turbos as well. A VGT turbocharger features variable vanes inside that allow more efficient exhaust flow and is controlled by an electric solenoid. It is important to know which kind of turbo you are installing and that the other parts you are installing will be compatible. This is another good reason to buy these parts from a reputable site like because we have kits and packages for both options and can point you in the right direction. Listed below are the most popular Performance Packages available and what they contain, with Stage 1 being the smallest increase in hp and each additional stage after increasing in horsepower.

Stage 1 Turbo Kit

Stage 1 is a Tow Pig package that produces 500hp and includes remanufactured 155/30 injectors, a new turbo or complete turbo kit depending on what you choose, and three custom tunes.

Stage 2 Turbo Kit

Stage 2 is a Tow/Street package that produces 550hp and includes remanufactured 175/30 injectors, a new turbo or complete kit depending on what you choose, and three custom tunes.

Stage 3 Turbo Kit

Stage 3 is a Hot Street package that produces 600hp and includes remanufactured 190/30 injectors, a new turbo or kit depending on what you choose, and three custom tunes.

Stage 4 Turbo Kit

Stage 4 is the most powerful option available. It is a Street/Track package that includes remanufactured 205/75 or 205/30 injectors depending on whether you choose a VGT or non-VGT package, a new turbo kit depending on what option you select, and three custom tunes.

Other Powerstroke Performance Parts

Other parts can be added to these performance packages depending on the needs of your truck and how much power you are trying to get out of your engine. Upgraded premium diesel injectors with an extended warranty are available. And more powerful tunes can also be added. With the increased performance that an upgraded turbo and its components provide, it is a wise choice to upgrade the other systems and parts on your truck. Upgraded transmissions and transmission parts are available that can handle extreme amounts of horsepower and torque. Upgraded exhaust, engine parts, radiators, suspension components, air intakes, and intercoolers are all available, as well as performance add-ons like water-methanol injection and nitrous oxide.

Blessed Performance also offers 6.0 Powerstroke Solutions Packages that include more than just turbo components. The Essential Solutions Kit offers basics like head gaskets, upgraded studs, a heavy-duty oil cooler, a turbo install kit, and various other gaskets needed to work on your engine. The Halfway There Kit includes all of the above, plus components like upgraded glow plugs and upgraded parts for your truck's cooling system. The All-In For Life Kit includes all the parts listed so far, plus many others to overhaul and improve your tuck like o-rings, various fittings, pipes, a water pump, upgraded heads, and top-end components with all the gaskets needed when installing these parts, making it the ultimate DIY package for the 6.0 Powerstroke diesel engine.

Give Us a Call for 6.0 Powerstroke Turbo Assistance

Working on, repairing, and upgrading your truck's turbo has never been easier. More performance parts for diesel engines are available than ever before and are accessible at the click of a button. Just be sure to use the best parts available – trusting cheap eBay turbos and components can be a recipe for disaster when reliability and safety are at stake. By contacting Blessed Performance through our website, social media pages, email address (, or over the phone (1-800-577-2690), we can assist you in putting together a custom 6.0 Powerstroke turbo rebuild kit or help you put together a 6.0 Powerstroke turbo upgrade to make your DIY project go as smoothly as possible. Check us out, install the best parts available, and enjoy your ride!