Core Part Returns

Core Returns

Core credit returns will be accepted within 30 days of original purchase. After 30 days the core credit refunds will be at the discretion of Blessed Performance LLC. There is no guarantee that you will receive any refund for core costs if you do not return your cores within 30 days. 

To return your product core for credit, please email us at attention cores for the form. We will email you a form that you will need to fill out that will need your original order number and the RMA number that we send at the same time. Please send us the copy of the core return form along with the tracking number for your returns. If we do not have email proof of this we can not keep track of your core money and will not be liable for returning core money without proof of the form being filled out, a tracking number and seeing that the shipment has arrived in rebuildable shape. We will include the address to send the core to when we email you the form. Most items will get shipped to the manufacturer so please pay attention to that address when sending cores in so we don't have to deduct shipping costs from your core money due to the product coming to us then on to the manufacturer. Thank you in advance for following this and allowing us to extend long core return processes so you have time to build your truck without feeling rushed.  

Blessed Performance LLC recommends using a carrier that provides package tracking to ensure your product gets back safely and quickly. You will not be reimbursed for shipping costs incurred in shipping the core. The credit card used for the purchase of the product giving rise to the core return will be credited with the core's original invoiced value after inspection.

Please drain all fluids, if any, from the core. The core returned must be a like-for-like make, model, type and part number. Cores will not be accepted from a salvage or junkyard. Cores that have been disassembled or have missing and/or damaged major components will not receive full core credit.