Price Match Guarantee

Blessed Performance Price Match Guarantee

*Blessed Performance LLC guarantees the best price before the purchase and protects you for up to 30 days after. If you find a product priced over $50 dollars listed on a competitors website for less, we will match that price guaranteed!*

Blessed Performance does not consider Amazon, eBay or any website similar to these as a competitor. A competitor is another company that specializes in the market we do. 

We will price match our competitors coupons! (must be an active and current coupon)

Price matching is total cost (to your door-including shipping and handling) of the exact same part number. Price matching is only valid on products priced $50.00 and above. Blessed Performance will not match pricing on products from unauthorized dealers, auction sites, membership sites, phone quotes, clearance items or employee discounts.

Price matching is done at the discretion of Blessed Performance and is subject to the terms and conditions listed above. In order to ask for a price match you must contact us by email with some form of a quote from our competitor. Fill out the form below and we will contact you back asking for the quote. From there we will do our research and get back in touch with you to set you up with a price match after approving the quote.